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What is that bond between pets and us?

Jody Wright bliss cat cats feline Jody Wright kitten original painting pet pets portrait

Ever wonder why the bond between us and our cats and dogs is so strong?  I don't.

Who else is so willing to put up with our moods and dramas and make no comment but, instead offer a paw to comfort?  Who else finds ways to amuse and delight us with the most simple of tools on hand?  Who else is so excited at our mere presence?  Who else never worries who's in office an what they are doing?  Who else knows that the whole point of life is to enjoy it?

Many gurus teach "in the moment" living.  Yet we know, our animals LIVE IT.

Sometimes I am disappointed that their lives are so short but in reality I think humans would just take it all for granted if they were longer. 

So today, let's really take a look at our companion animals.  They are a portrait and a window to the best in ourselves.


This painting is an original/acrylic on canvas: 36" x 36".  $2800. The lettering is silk screened onto the canvas.  If you'd like to purchase this painting or commission a painting of you and your pet painted by me (Jody Wright) please contact the Chasen Galleries. For more info. select the "Portraits" tab on our website.

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