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Dream Series: "Riding Rainbows"
Artist: Jody Wright

Dream Series: "Riding Rainbows"

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Size: 36" x 36". Acrylic on Canvas.  Gallery Wrapped.
(Original painting ships continental U.S. only)

"Riding Rainbows" is a flight into the imagination where everything is possible.

It's never just black and white!  The realities we create are every color of the rainbow.

I love colors and this is an opportunity to let your eye see every one in my palette. 

Growing up I questioned EVERYTHING.  "Why?" was my favorite word.  So . . . why can't zebras come in vibrant, eye-popping colors?  And why can't you get on their backs and fly to vivid new worlds?

Now you can. 

I wonder what else is possible in the beauty of one's imagination? . . .


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