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"Secure" Italian Alabaster Abstract Sculpture
Artist: Carl Wright

"Secure" Italian Alabaster Abstract Sculpture

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Italian White/Clear Alabaster
on Black granite base
8"w x 13"l x 11"t  ● 
base: 11" x 11"
Inside  Installation
(Pedestal not included)

Secure is one of the Tranquil Series of Sculptures.  It joins other sculptures that include:  CherishEmbrace, Kanryuu, Ookawa, Ptolmey1Stillness, Taihei 1, and Taihei 2.

Secure is a quiet sculpture about safety and closeness.  Whenever I look at this sculpture I see a baby on it's back with arms and legs in the air waiting to be snatched up and loved.   Secure is close in feel to Cherish &  Embrace.
also has a special quality, it shares with
Ptolmey1It is translucent, it radiates a sunny glow when a light source is put close behind it.

(Crating and Shipping are additional).



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