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Jody Wright:

Nationally known artist Jody Wright uses vibrant, eye-popping color to explore the world around her. Born in Long Beach, California in 1956, she grew up just five blocks from Disneyland which sparked her love for imagination. Her grandmother, who helped raise her, showed her a world of color with her love for flowers and gardening. Often they would trek to the beach to gather mussels. Her grandmother always noticed & appreciated the beauty of nature and passed that love down to Jody.

Jody studied art at George Washington University and Frostburg State, which culminated in a B.A. at Shepherd College.

Jody Wright is an artistic explorer in many mediums. She once created stained glass windows and one of her works is now located in a church in Ellicott City, MD next to Tiffany’s. After delving into the colorful world of glass, she moved to paint colorful dogs. Her work was shown at galleries nationwide. She wrote and illustrated the book, "50 Secrets Humans Should Know" which sold nearly 50,000 copies.

She has participated in multiple juried public art projects such as “Pandamania” - one of the largest projects in Washington, D.C.

Today, color still fills her spirit. Her main focus areas are animals, still lifes and florals. She considers it a chance to explore both the sides of her brain artistically. 

Her still lifes celebrate the beauty in the world around her.  And the animals highlight the "in-the-moment" joy of life itself.

Carl Wright:

Carl Wright never really had a choice.  He had to work in 3-D  …...everything else seemed so …. flat.  His medium of choice is stone because of its long lasting beauty, its ability to evoke emotion and stability through the tactile feel and it’s sweeping design. Carl sculpts abstract shapes in alabaster, marble and limestone.  “Marble is great for indoors. Limestone is great anywhere“.   Abstract stone sculpture conveys diverse thoughts and emotions to different people making it a good choice to engage the maximum amount of viewers.  It is also durable and low maintenance.

Carl Wright has participated in seven Public Art programs, received a Professional (Artist) Development Grant from the State of WV, and participated in juried museum shows. He is represented by three galleries: one in Richmond, VA, one in Martinsburg,  and one in Atlanta and several discriminating art consultants.  His work resides in homes in Zug, Switzerland, Washington, DC, and Orlando, FL to name a few.  One sculpture is in a large pharmaceutical corporate headquarters in Durham, NC.

Before becoming a sculptor, Carl worked in several different art mediums.  He found stone the most satisfying and wood the second.  He also found out that dirt and noise do not trouble him much in his studio.  Fortunately, people buying sculpture are buying a beautiful polished stone sculpture that will shed no more dirt or stone fragments.  Carl got rid of the dirt and stone fragments already. Now only the beauty of form remains.