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Dog/Cat Commissions by Jody Wright


Face it.  Our companion animals have a pretty quick expiration date compared to us humans.  We never want their memory to fade with time but would love to have that comfort of unconditional love for our ENTIRE lives!
That is why, after a brief sabbatical, I now accept commissions again.  I love knowing that, through my colorful work, that love of your dog or cat lives on in visual form.
So here's how a commission works:

How much I charge:
Here's the price of my paintings. Shipping is additional (Only what UPS charges -  no boxing and crating fees). Sales tax applies for WV residents.  All paintings are acrylic on canvas, gallery wrapped, and ready to hang with no additional framing needed.   (Sorry - one pet only in the smaller sizes):
18" x 24" = $725.
24" x 30" = 1195.
36" x 36" = 2150.

How to begin:
Begin by sending me your GREAT shots.  I love shots at the dog's eye level (if possible) and also action shots!  Give me a variety.  Upload to something like Google Drive or Dropbox because photo files tend to be rather large. Tell me the size of painting you want.

I first do a drawing to scale and indicate some of the background colors and an idea of what colors I might choose.  (Please let me know if you love or hate a color).  If you think a particular color describes the personality of your dog or cat more that another, I like knowing that too.  I choose colors by personality so tell me about the personality of your companion animal.   Seldom do I ever paint a dog brown and purple is not out of the norm.
After you approve the drawing, I require a 50% deposit (You may send by snail mail to: Jody Wright, 330 Winchester Ave., Martinsburg, WV 25401 - or you can pay with your MC/VISA by PayPal.  I can easily issue you an invoice to do that).
The balance is due upon approval of the painting just prior to shipping.

Where you do you ship?
Currently I ship in the continental U.S. only.

How do I contact you?
Feel free to email me with any questions: