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Jody Wright’s "Live Your Passion Paintings"

"Sculpting Your Life" by Jody Wright.  A painting of sculptor, Carl Wright.  36" x 36".
Acrylic.  Gallery wrapped. $2500.

"What makes you leap out of bed with a smile on your face and joy so electric that you might be considered an alternative source of energy?"

I’m talking about passion here. The very things in your life that make you most alive. That’s what you should have in a custom portrait by me. Colorful, explosive, beautiful YOU!

So how do you decide what that passion is? Perhaps it’s your beloved partner laughing beside you. Maybe it’s cherishing your favorite cat in your arms. What about that picture of you sleeping with your dog on the couch? Got a favorite yoga pose? Or does your profession "push your buttons" so much so that you’d like to be portrayed with hints of it in the painting!

The possibilities are endless. So start gathering photos that make you smile. Whether it’s just you or you with 2 other family members. Then winnow through those photos until you find your favorite. One that leaps out at you and says, "That’s what I love!"

You are amazing. Share your exquisite energy with the world in an original custom painting that celebrates your passion.


I paint single portraits with just one face in the painting.
30" x 30": $2000
36" x 24": $2200
36" x 36": $2500.

I also paint double subjects with two people showing in the painting. Instead of two people, you may also have one person and one dog or cat that you are interacting with.
30" x 30": $2500.
36" x 24": $2600.
36" x 36": $2800.

I create group portraits with 3-4 people appearing in the painting.
30" x 30": $3300.
36" x 36": $3500.
40" x 40": $4000.

Available Through:
The Chasen Galleries
3554 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221
804) 204-1048